About us

Our family pension is located in the quiet village of Horní lánov near Vrchlabí, at the foot of the giant mountains national park.

We always wanted to live in the mountains !!

After many years in employment, one day we fulfilled a dream and from the big city in the lowlands we moved the whole family permanently to the beloved giant mountains, for fresh air, nice people and new challenges. I, a chef by profession and a wife working in the service, here in our own enterprise we try to provide people with services that we would like to experience ourselves.

Own honey from the forests of the giant mountains, milk and homemade cheese from the farm mejsnar, meat from farmers in the area.

We strive for continuous improvement and retrofitting of rooms and social spaces. You can look forward to new colors of our interiors, new modern TV not only in the rooms, infrasauna, a new relaxation area with a fireplace and other delights.

Last year we invested in new windows throughout the accommodation area.

What is important for us is a satisfied guest who will tell his friends and will count on us next time .